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2024 John Deere Combine S760: The Perfect Combine For Medium To Large-Scale Farms

2024 John Deere Combine S760

The John Deere Combine S760, set to be released in 2024, is a marvel of modern agricultural technology.

This machine is designed to optimize and automate main combine functions, adapting to changing conditions to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity during harvest season.

2024 John Deere Combine S760

2024 John Deere Combine S760
2024 John Deere Combine S760

The S760 is powered by a John Deere PowerTech™ PSS engine with 9 liters or 548 cubic inches capacity. The engine’s rated power stands at 249 kW or 333 horsepower, making it a formidable force in the field.

The fuel capacity of this combine is an impressive 950 liters or 250 gallons, ensuring long hours of operation without the need for frequent refueling. The rotor length measures 312 cm, providing ample space for efficient threshing and grain separation.

One of the standout features of the S760 is the Combine Advisor™ package. This system helps to set, optimize, and automate main combine functions when conditions change.

It also includes a fully automated yield sensor calibration with ActiveYield™, which supplies accurate data without requiring time spent on manual calibration.

The S760 also boasts a comfortable S700 cab, which is common with tractors and sprayers for ease of use.

This feature ensures operators can work in a comfortable and user-friendly environment, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity.

The S760 is also equipped with JDLink™, a system that automatically sends yield maps and other harvest data to the Operations Center™ for later analysis.

This allows farmers to monitor their machines’ performance and make informed decisions to improve their harvest from anywhere, anytime.

In terms of specifications, the S760 has a peak unload rate of 3.6 bushels per second, a 300-bushel grain tank, and a maximum engine horsepower of 382.

Combined with the front wheels or tracks, these features make the S760 a reliable and efficient machine for any harvest.

The S760 is about power, efficiency, and consistent grain quality in a comfortable and easy-to-operate environment.

No matter the harvest conditions or the operator, the S760 is designed to provide a seamless and productive harvesting experience.

The 2024 John Deere Combine S760 is a high-performance combine harvester for medium- to large-scale farming operations.

It is powered by a John Deere PowerTech PSS engine that produces 473 horsepower. The S760 has a grain tank capacity of 400 bushels and an unloading rate of 3.8 bushels per second. It also has a total cleaning area of 9,145 square inches.

The S760 is equipped with several features that help to improve its performance and efficiency, including:

  • A large, comfortable cab with a premium suspension seat and climate control
  • A spacious grain tank with a grain-level indicator
  • A powerful engine with a high horsepower-to-weight ratio
  • A large cleaning shoe with a wide opening
  • A high-capacity unloading system
  • A variety of advanced technologies to help optimize performance, such as the Harvest Smart system and the JDLink telematics system

The 2024 John Deere Combine S760 is a versatile and powerful machine that can handle various crops in various conditions.

It is a good choice for farmers looking for a high-performance combine that can help them improve their yields and efficiency.

The estimated price of a new 2024 John Deere Combine S760 is $380,000 to $480,000. The actual price will vary depending on the selected options and features.

In conclusion, the 2024 John Deere Combine S760 is a testament to John Deere’s commitment to innovation and efficiency in agricultural machinery.

With its powerful engine, advanced features, and user-friendly design, the S760 is set to revolutionize how farmers approach their harvest season.

ModelEngineHorsepowerGrain Tank CapacityUnloading Rate
S76013.5-liter John Deere PowerTech PSS473400 bushels3.8 bushels per second
S78013.5-liter John Deere PowerTech PSS502400 bushels4.0 bushels per second
S79015.2-liter John Deere PowerTech PSS540450 bushels4.2 bushels per second

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