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2023 MF 8700 S Series Row Crop Tractors

2023 MF 8700 S Series

The Massey Ferguson 8700 S Series Row Crop Tractors are the latest addition to the Massey Ferguson tractor range.

These tractors are designed to provide maximum output with low running costs and are the most powerful tractors ever built by Massey Ferguson.

2023 MF 8700 S Series

2023 MF 8700 S Series
2023 MF 8700 S Series

With up to 405 HP, these tractors are equipped with a Dyna-VT transmission with Engine Power Management, which gives the capability of up to a 30 HP-plus power boost, plus extra torque, whenever you need a bit different.

The MF 8700 S Series also features a fully integrated 11,000-pound front linkage, four electrohydraulic spool valves, and a minimum weight of just 10.8 tons, allowing them to tread lightly for top work and transport.

The Command Control armrest and Multipad joystick make these tractors easy to control precisely, and the FieldStar 5 terminal is designed to create a more intuitive precision farming experience.

In addition, the MF Connect service enables farmers to coordinate, optimize and seamlessly connect their fleet, manage maintenance better, and remotely monitor equipment in the field.

The MF TaskDoc system helps farmers to become more productive through the knowledge brought by putting precision-measured data at the business owner’s fingertips.

2023 MF 8700 Release Date and Price

The MF 8700 S Series is available from February 28, 2023, with a 4.54% finance bonus for 24 months. Prices range from $200,000 to $285,000, and buyers can choose from dual rear wheels with a tire size of up to 35 in. and 98 in. diameter for better power transfer to the ground.

With all these features, the MF 8700 S Series is the perfect choice for a high-powered, precision farming tractor.

2023 MF 8700 S Series Specs

MF 8727 STier 4 Final270240205Dyna-VT (CVT)26,45523,81
MF 8730 STier 4 Final300265225Dyna-VT (CVT)26,45523,81
MF 8732 STier 4 Final320290250Dyna-VT (CVT)26,45523,81
MF 8735 STier 4 Final350320275Dyna-VT (CVT)26,45523,81
MF 8737 STier 4 Final370340290Dyna-VT (CVT)26,45523,81
MF 8740 STier 4 Final400370325Dyna-VT (CVT)26,45523,81

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