2023 Kubota BX Series: Reliability, Comfort, and Versatility

2023 Kubota BX Series

Kubota BX Series sub-compact tractors are designed with comfort and versatility. 

The BX is available in 4WD in ROPS and an optional dealer-mounted cabin with HST Transmission – with a choice between 16.6 to 24.8 gross engine horsepower. 

2023 Kubota BX Series

2023 Kubota BX Series

The BX series can perform various daily tasks conveniently and efficiently, including gardening, gardening, and general property maintenance tasks. 

With a Kubota-made 3-cylinder diesel engine, HST transmission, all-metal hood, fenders, and chassis, the BX Series is Kubota engineered from front to back, making it a highly reliable sub-compact tractor.

For sub-compact tractors, the convenience of the BX Series is unmatched. With a flat operating station, tilting steering, ergonomic lever placement, and luxurious seats, the BX Series prevents operator fatigue while working long hours in the garden, gardening, and property maintenance.

Kubota’s versatile tractors offer four affordable models ranging from 16.6 to 24.8 HP to help achieve everyday tasks. 

This sub-compact tractor comes with a wide variety of Performance Matched Land Pride tools, such as box blades, quick snags, and pallet forks, to name a few. 

The BX Series lineup also offers BX23S, a dedicated TLB, to help with all your excavation work.

Goodyear exclusively provides the BX Series Kubota with the latest tire technology. 

The R14 tires combine agriculture, grass, and industrial tread elements as a hybrid into one versatile tire. 

This technology provides high traction performance with versatility in snow, lawn, and field applications. Features include:

With an overall height of less than 7′, these units fit through most standard garage doors without folding, making everyday storage faster and easier. 

The BX Series Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) quickly folds without tools, letting the BX80 easily pass under a low barrier. 

The BX1880, BX2380, and BX2680 all have a ROPS height of less than 84″, making storing in a garage or warehouse a breeze.

2023 Kubota BX Series Price Starting at $11,827.

2023 Kubota BX Series Specs

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