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2023 AFS Connect Steiger 470 Tractor

2023 AFS Connect Steiger 470

Case IH AFS Connect Steiger 470 Design and driven by customers with efficient power makes the narrow frame AFS Connect™ Steiger ® 470 machine suitable for any operation.

Available in Heavy-Duty Wheeled, Rowtrac, and Quadtrac™ ® configurations with 12.9L engines.

2023 AFS Connect Steiger 470

2023 AFS Connect Steiger 470
2023 AFS Connect Steiger 470

With additional Connectivity that helps maximize uptime and keep operators in the field through the following support features available in AFS Connect Steiger.

New 12.9-liter Tier 4 B/Final Stage V engine on the 2024 Model Year The AFS Connect™ Steiger ® series tractors — powered by FPT Industrial, one of the world’s largest engine manufacturers — deliver industry-leading fuel efficiency while maximizing power.

The engine update improves transient response by 50 percent and overall fuel economy by 2 percent while reducing emissions, making the AFS Connect Steiger series tractors more powerful, productive, and sustainable.


  • Up to 699 peak horsepower on the Steiger Series 2024 Model Year tractors
  • 12.9-liter engine with FPT technology delivers leading power and fuel efficiency
  • Up to 14 percent power growth, 50 percent greater transient response, and 2 percent improved fuel economy help maximize performance in the most challenging conditions.


  • SCR-only technology provides simplified emissions compliance.
  • The model Year 2024 updates further reduce emissions for greater sustainability.
  • Exclusive engine brake options
  • Oil change interval 600 hours

Case IH AFS Connect Steiger 470 Specs

Model 2023 Case IH AFS Connect Steiger 470
Engine Cursor 13 Engine
Maximum Engine Power 470 hp
Transmission 16-Speed Full Powershift
Hydraulic System 4 Electro-Hydraulic Remotes
PTO 1000 RPM
Front Axle Class 5 Heavy-Duty
Rear Axle Class 5 Heavy-Duty
Tires Duals or Singles
Cab AFS Connect
GPS Guidance System AFS Pro 1200

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